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CAS Celebrates NEBULA’s Software Factory Grand Opening

Chenega Applied Solutions (CAS) and The Cyber Bytes Foundation hosted the grand opening of NEBULA on June 16th, 2022.

Nebula originated from the idea of revamping the way the Department of Defense was modernizing its software development capabilities. Behind Nebula’s core objective lies the intention to bring DevSecOps to the defense sector through premier software development.

The grand opening event provided attendees insight into Nebula’s mission-critical principles through the Modernization as a Service (MaaS) lens; MaaS takes all aspects of the modernization process from the physical facility to the hardware, software, network security, and staffing personnel and incorporates it into one holistic solution. MaaS services provided the means to achieve Nebula’s mission of providing a fully operational software factory with best-in-class tools, development platforms, and cloud security for Government usage.

CAS’s VP of Operations, Mike Masten, took to the podium to emphasize Nebula’s core objectives in relation to the DoD’s current demands.

“Warfighters are looking upon software factories to lead innovation through its capabilities. Extensive cyber-attacks in today’s modern time are why it’s important to emphasize and enable the warfighter to adjust software as the need arises.”

The grand opening of Nebula led by innovators will be the proving grounds for DOD and Federal Government to develop minimum viable products to take back to their decision-makers. CAS encourages interested Government personnel to become Nebula beta users. Interested officials may apply online, the form is linked here. We will continue improving and adapting to ongoing mission support software needs for today’s mission-critical enterprise.



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