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Mike Masten Shares His Vision of a Modernized DoD with MaaS

Chenega Applied Solutions (CAS) Vice President of Operations, Mike Masten, detailed his vision of the future on the first of a three-part podcast series with Government Technology Insider this week.

The United States Air Force (USAF) is currently in the midst of a wholescale modernization effort. The federal government, and the Department of Defense, in particular, have many legacy systems still in place, some of which are over 50 years old. “The DoD has in general, taken a piecemeal approach to transformation that has slowed the overall progress and hampered the success of modernization efforts,” Masten said. In the podcast series, Masten discusses the required culture shift of the DoD into a Silicon Valley-like organization as a means of attracting top talent and skill-sets.

Thanks to Air Force Chief of Staff, General Charles Q. Brown, the USAF is leading the implementation of full-scale modernization efforts thanks to the newly emerging Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). The DIU engaged CAS and Masten’s team to deliver a turn-key solution that provides holistic services encompassing all aspects of the modernization process, from tools and technologies to environments, methodologies, culture, and vision. The rest is history; Modernization as a Service (MaaS) was born.

To listen to the first episode of the Government Technology Insider podcast series regarding MaaS:

Read more about how the USAF is driving its transformation journey:



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